Essendon is a small rural village in Hertfordshire, UK, 

close to Hatfield, Hertford, Welwyn Garden City and Potters Bar.

Next Council Meeting - 8 February 2021Meeting 

Invitation from Policy Officer, Hertfordshire County Council  

Hertfordshire parish and town councils, and all Hertfordshire residents, are being invited to have their say and contribute to Hertfordshire County Council’s budget decision-making process. An online survey is available at www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/budgetsurvey until 1 February 2021.


You can access the draft Integrated Plan 2021-22 (the proposed budget) and also summary highlights from www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/budgetsurvey - alongside the five survey questions.


HCC wants to hear your views on how they should be spending your council tax money over the coming year. You will also be able to complete a question (number five) to say that you are responding on behalf of a parish or town council – or that you’re responding as a resident, or in other capacities.



Latest information is available at this link.

 This includes information on fly tipping.

Here is the link


The playground is open with appropriate precautions for Covid 19, following government  guidelines.

New National Covid Restrictions 

National lockdown: Stay at Home

Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly across the country. Find out what you can and cannot do at this link.

Village Hall

Please note:  Restoration work on the Hall floor has been completed.

Invitation to nominate someone for a National Honour or for CPRE Hertfordshire awards

If there is someone within the community who has dedicated service over many years, the Council or other local people can nominate them via the online form at www.gov.uk/honours ensuring that a deserving local community is represented at national level. Further information on honours and awards: www.lord-lieutenant-herts.org.uk,

Contact Details for Queries or more Information:


Dawn Grocock (01992) 555235

Enforcement Officer

James Bartlett (01992) 555236

For detailed information see Herts Sunflower.org


Useful guidance on how to manage allotments in accordance with government regulations. Click here



Following Government Guidelines, meetings were suspended until July 20, when the annual accounts were approved at a zoom meeting.  Business will continue to be conducted by email or video conferencing. The Chair and Vice Chair have been empowered to take necessary decisions to keep the workings of the council running.

 Dates for 2021:


  February 8         Parish Council meeting

 March 8             Parish Council meeting

 April 19              Annual Parish meeting

 April 26              Parish Council meeting

                                                           May 17            Annual Meeting of the Full Council (Election of Chair and Vice Chair)

 June 14              Parish Council meeting 

July 12                Parish Council meeting

September 13   Parish Council meeting

October 11        Parish Council meeting

November 8      Parish Council meeting

December 13     Parish Council meeting


Meetings take place on Mondays at 7.00pm. Please consult the website prior to the meeting to find out whether it will be on Zoom or in person at the Village Hall.

The public are most welcome at all

Parish Council meetings and are encouraged

to raise any matters of concern