It's Never too Late to be Active

 ‘It’s Never Too Late to be Active’ campaign, which launched at the beginning of May 2022 to help older adults in Hertfordshire get more active.


We are now just over half way through the campaign and over 1200 people have already registered for support, with many more exploring the website for ideas and inspiration to get moving.


Participants have joined the campaign for a range of reasons - some want to lose weight, some want to get fitter and healthier and some simply need to become more mobile. 82-year-old Welwyn and Hatfield resident, Maureen, said: “I have joined the campaign because I want to improve my mobility and lose the weight that I gained after a recent operation, but I need a little bit of encouragement to help me get started. I had a chat with one of the Never Too Late advisers and came away feeling really motivated, I’m looking forward to using my free activity pass in my local leisure centre.”


Never Too Late runs until the end of July so there is still plenty of time for people to sign up at .  Alternatively, they can call 01992 555627 or drop-in to their local library.

Grandmother of ten Esther always hated exercise, but a three-month spell in hospital in later life forced her re-evaluate her health and wellbeing.


She said: “Physical activity, combined with a nutritious, balanced diet can definitely help you reach a healthy weight, but there are so many other benefits to be gained - you feel better, it improves your mental health, puts you in a positive frame of mind and is a great way to meet people and feel part of a group. For women going through the menopause, it’s important to maintain bone health. Strengthening activities like yoga and Pilates are great for this.”


Esther is supporting our It’s Never Too Late to be Active campaign to encourage others to get free support to become more active, including a free 7-day activity pass.


Visit or call 01992 555627 for more info.